Great family horse

Great family horse

23. oktober 2023


ID: 7718

Kobbi is a 4 gaited Icelandic horse with a loving heart, loves cuddles and trail rides

Kobbi fra lagufelli is a wonderful chestnut gelding
He is now in Iceland and is looking for the next forever home he is one of a kind and will be your best friend, he is relaxed at the bit and all the 4 gates are smooth(needs alittle work with tolt) Kobbi likes to choose he’s rider and wants a calm rider who is not gonna pull he’s bit or be frustrated with him (he doesn’t like that) he is one of the best gelding I have tried and I trust him with my kid, he has never take of running with me even when another rider went full speed past us he just walk slowly and didn’t mind and was soo relaxed I can promise you that he will be one of your favourite horse, he is a great family horse and loves to work he knows all the exercises, he had a young rider how was with him in school and he did amazing work, he was a stallion and had 1 daughter and the breeders saw he didn’t do well breeding soo they gelded him and he doesn’t act like a stallion and doesn’t get protected of mares he is a really chill horse he is clean in his stall, and stands still when you go on him there have not been any issues with him other then if he feels you are mean or frustrated with him he will turn around and go home he doesn’t buck,rear, run off he just lets you know if you did something wrong by turning around and go home it’s weird but he has only done it with 2 people I know, he doesn’t do this to me and I know there is a person looking for a horse to love for along time
With that said if you are interested the transport company here in Iceland are many and we can work together to find the best transport for Kobbi ☺️
If you have any questions send me a pm on instagram @draumfaramyndataka

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